Ichimaru Pharcos: Two new ingredients and world’s first


Ichimaru Pharcos: Two new ingredients and world’s first

Skin thinning is a phenomenon in which the dermis becomes thinner as it ages. Although the detailed mechanism of thinning is still unknown, its gradual progression causes a decrease in elasticity and formation of wrinkles.

Under environmental stress or due to aging, cells release ATP in the extracellular spaces (known as extracellular ATP : eATP) which, in turn, mediates signal transduction to the surrounding healthy cells and induces aging. This ultimately causes the skin thinner by degrading the main component of extracellular matrix, collagen.

“SpringMint” maintains the thickness of skin by inhibiting the release of eATP.

In actual human skin test, the skin's elasticity was significantly increased in the areas SpringMint was applied. Ultrasound images also showed that the thickness of their dermis was increased.

SpringMint uses organic peppermint and is 100% natural ingredient.

BURGEON-UP is an epoch-making product focusing on R-spondin 1 (RSPO1) which has attracted attention in regenerative medicine. BURGEON-UP upregulates RSPO1 secretion from dermal papilla, and elongate the hair follicle by promoting transition from Telogen (resting phase) to Anagen (growth phase).

In addition, RSPO1 extends each follicle’s period in Anagen by inhibiting the damage of dihydrotestosterone - induced hair loss factor (DKK1).

In the ex vivo test, BURGEON-UP was confirmed to increase the elongation of the woman hair follicle tissues. This efficacy is clinically proven too, using a hair lotion with BURGEON-UP the number and thickness of hair were significantly increased.

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BURGEON-UP is also 100% natural ingredient with plant grown in Japan.

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