Ichimaru Pharcos develops new active ingredient IZAYOI

IZAYOI inhibits inflammation cytokines

ICHIMARU PHARCOS has developed a new product called “IZAYOI”, as a new sun care active ingredient through the newly revealed anti-inflammation pathway. Keratinocyte damaged by UVB releases denatured U1RNA which is one of DAMPs (Damage-associated molecular patterns), and surrounding non-damaged keratinocyte recognises the DAMPs to initiate inflammatory reaction leading to skin ageing like wrinkles, age spots or pigmentation. DAMPs influence is getting higher on aged keratinocyte, so elder people need to pay attention to more sun care.

IZAYOI, a natural plant extract made from rose fruit, inhibits inflammation cytokines induced by DAMPs-like substance on human keratinocyte but other conventional anti-inflammation agents do not have the same function. On human clinical studies, IZAYOI inhibited facial erythema caused by the sun exposure. IZAYOI inhibits DAMPs response on Keratinocyte at the earliest stage of inflammation caused by UVB, so it is the most significant way to prevent photo-ageing.

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