Ichimaru Pharcos receives award in PCHi2019, Japanese Ingredient for Skin and Haircare


Wamino-BonBon (Molasses, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Lees Extract) was elected to the final candidate of the Active Ingredients Award of “PCHi 2019 Fountain Award” at PCHi China 2019 in Guangzhou, February 2019. Although we missed the product award, Mr. Ikeda, whose is product developer of Wamino-BonBon was selected as an Outstanding Individual.

At in-cosmetics Global 2019, Ichimaru Pharcos will introduced new ingredient made from Japanese ingredients “Wamino-BonBon” (Stand F60).

“Wamino-BonBon” is a pure extract developed by combining sake lees and molasses. Sake lees are made from the famous “Kinokuniya Bunzaemon” sake. The molasses is made during the traditional Japanese manufacturing process of “Sanuki Wasanbon sugar” from Chikusha which is a kind of sugarcane.

It is rich in Chikusha-derived minerals and organic acids. The extract, combining sake lees and molasses, significantly changes formulation texture and moisturises the skin and hair.

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The name “Wamino-BonBon” is a combination of “Wamino”, referencing the Japanese ingredients (“Wa”) of sake lees as the source of amino acids and vitamin B2, and “bonbon”, the French word for sugar confectionery, echoing the Japanese word for refined sugar (“Wasanbon”). “Wamino-BonBon” is a natural ingredient that is free from preservatives, supporting both sustainability and traceability.

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