ImerCare Matte, a natural alternative to plastic microbeads for mattifying effect in skincare and make-up

In the skincare and make-up routine, a shiny face due to an excessive sebum secretion is a daily issue. To solve this problem, mattifying agents are used in product compositions.

Most efficient mattifying agents are synthetic, generally plastic microbeads, but these ingredients are increasingly turned down by the final customer due to the current market trend for zero-plastic and eco-friendly ingredients.

The rising trend of “mineral make-up” products results in natural mineral powders such as kaolin forming the main constituent. ImerCare Matte was hence engineered to obtain a 100% natural, kaolin-based mattifying agent that can effectively replace plastic microbeads in gels, creams, liquid foundations and pressed powders.

Compared to conventional kaolin, ImerCare Matte has been specially processed to obtain an innovative microporous structure. This structure possesses a high surface area, providing excellent sebum absorption for a natural matte skin finish.

An external laboratory conducted a test on a panel with mixed to oily skin to compare the performance of three products: a mattifying gel containing 5% ImerCare Matte, a benchmark containing 5% synthetic mattifying agent based on a synthetic polymer, and a placebo without mattifying agent.

The result demonstrated that the formulation containing ImerCare Matte had:

  • A visible effect on 100% of the panel
  • A superior immediate mattifying effect compared to the benchmark
  • An equivalent mattifying effect after 8 hours compared to the benchmark.

ImerCare Matte is both a natural and efficient solution that provides a superior mattifying effect in gels, creams, liquid foundations and pressed powders compared to the benchmark and validated by clinical study.

Its 100% natural kaolin-based mattifying agent makes it an efficient alternative to plastic microbeads for mattifying effect in skincare and make-up.