Important Cosmetic Regulation Training to be held in the UK this May


UK/EU Cosmetic Regulation: 14th May 2019 (UK)

What does Brexit mean for Cosmetic regulation and compliance in the UK and EU?

This experience-based training is designed to help explain the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations and more importantly what this means to you. Using the vast experience of Delphic HSE the training will explore the intent of the regulations, the interpretation of the regulations and an overview of the recent changes. The training will also offer an interactive session on product safety assessment Process, Principle and Practice.

Successful completion of this training will ensure each delegate is:

  • Competent with both the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations
  • Familiar with the compliance journey
  • Comfortable with a product safety assessment and the impact of pass and fail
  • Able to identify potential issues before they arise
  • Trained to a high standard using real industry experience.

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Important Cosmetic Regulation Training to be held in the UK this May

International Cosmetic Regulation: 18 June 2019 (UK)

Your responsibility is to ensure human health is not at risk from your cosmetic product.

Selling cosmetics globally is a complex business which requires adherence to many different regulations and standards. Delphic HSE will help you to understand your responsibilities region by region. We will share our own stories and experience of operating at a global level so that you can properly prepare your own manufacturing and distribution strategy.

Areas aimed to be covered:

Europe, North America (US & Canada), South America (Andean and Mercosur), Middle East (GSO), Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia (ASEAN) and China.

We promise that each delegate completing this training will have a competent understanding of:

  • Regulations and your responsibilities in your region(s) of interest
  • Challenges and solutions to cosmetic distribution in your region(s) of interest
  • Sources of further information and when to engage Delphic HSE services.

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Important Cosmetic Regulation Training to be held in the UK this May

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