Impulse shopping ‘less likely’ with online shopping


According to a survey by, women buy beauty on impulse 14 times a year in stores compared with eight impulse purchases a year online

A new survey from beauty e-tailer has revealed that the average British woman’s bathroom beauty cabinet is worth £1,964.30 - but only £327 worth of these products is regularly used.

According to the questionnaire, which involved 500 beauty shoppers in the UK, most women owned 65 beauty products which comes to an average cost of £30.22 for each item.

Most respondents admitted to using around 11 products every day, leaving over 25% of the products they own remaining unopened.

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“Most consumers admitted that more than once a month they would buy a beauty product that they didn’t need when out on a shopping trip, just because they felt they had to buy something,” said Beauty Editor Emma Leslie.

Women admitted to buying beauty on impulse 14 times a year in stores, as opposed to only eight impulse purchases a year online.