Ingredion to launch NATIVACARE at in-cosmetics London


Global ingredient solutions provider, Ingredion, is launching NATIVACARE, a new range of natural polymers and sensory enhancers for personal care products at In-Cosmetics.

Designed to help manufacturers respond to consumer demand for ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products, NATIVACARE natural polymers enable manufacturers to replace synthetic or chemically-modified polymers whilst enhancing sensory appeal.

The NATIVACARE range consists of either certified-organic natural polymers or natural polymers and offer the functional performance that formulators would expect from chemically modified ingredients, naturally. NATIVACARE natural polymers help achieve a creamy and luxurious texture, increase and stabilise viscosity in emulsions, and enhance skin-feel in applications such as body powders, liquid talc, colour cosmetics, lotions, creams, gels.

With Ingredion’s innovative personal care solutions, manufacturers can re-formulate products with naturally-derived, renewable ingredients to create ‘greener’ products that consumers want.

They can help you boost product performance and your green credentials in a wide range of beauty and personal care applications such as shampoos, creams and make-up.

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Visit stand R78 to find out more and sample a range of prototypes, including creams and lotions, which include the new NATIVACARE range, or find out more here