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Virospack presents the only fully organic, compostable, and recyclable wood collar on the beauty industry, responsibly sourced

At first, it seemed impossible! It was very complex to reach our quality standards with a noble material like wood, but at Virospack, we did it!

Betting on R and D and seeking innovation and constant improvement of our processes and products, with sustainability as a challenge always very present in our day to day, at Virospack we move forward to improve things developing products more sustainable in their life cycle, not only from an environmental point of view but also considering social and ethics.

INNOVATION - Virospack is the first and only one company to offer a dropper with a single piece wooden cap, thus reducing two processes in its manufacturing and being consequently more respectful of the planet.

SUSTAINABILITY - 100% natural, only wood, no plastic, no glue. Normally a dropper would have a plastic inner cap glued to the wooden shell, in this case, Virospack gets rid of the plastic piece and the gluing process, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the dropper.

FSC CERTIFIED - Having the production sites within EMAS certification, Virospack can now ensure that the new Wood Cap has the FSC certification guarantying that wood comes from forests with responsible management from an environmental and social point of view.

CUSTOMISABLE - It can be decorated with different varnishes according to the wishes of each client ensuring differentiation. We use bio solvent varnishes.

20/410 NECK - Fitting perfectly with the bottles with these necks available on the market. Sealed with the bulb, which could be recyclable, food grade, and also personalised.

This project is an example of how quality, aesthetics, and sustainability can go hand in hand. And Virospack, working always internally and in team, has made it possible.

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