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A cutting-edge ecological fibre

A cutting-edge ecological fibre

In response to our customers’ ever increasing environmental concerns, TAIKI has developed and patented TAFRE® fibre (Taiki Animal Free Environmental): a new synthetic fibre that perfectly reproduces the qualities and appearance of the highest quality natural hair.


Made up of 63% PTT and 37% recycled plant fibres. TAFRE® fibre has undergone 3 Taiki patented transformations: waving, kinking and feathering, resulting in a fibre that could be mistaken for a natural hair. Taiki uses 2 different diameters of fibre (0.087 and 0.075 mm) and offers 5 qualities of brush head that combine transformed or non-transformed fibres, to suit a wide range of formulas, liquids or powders.


Silky and supersoft fibres for the gentlest application. Powder adheres well to the brush and is applied perfectly to the face.


TAFRE® in terms of its application, its visual and tactile qualities are close to those of squirrel hair.

Sustainable development: 30% less energy is used to produce a TAFRE® fibre than a traditional fibre. An ethical, «animal-free» fibre, that replaces squirrel hair.

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TAFRE® A cutting-edge ecological fibre