Inolex unveils The Hall: a new collaborative space in Philadelphia

Published: 21-Apr-2023

Bold yet egalitarian, reflecting the spirit of sustainable ingredient design

Inolex is no stranger to thinking about things differently. Today the company announced its new collaborative space they call The Hall. It’s a concept that defies conventional boundaries for how its team engages and how they encourage imagination and interdisciplinary connection.

“We are intentionally creating space to inspire and build community,” said Neil Washburn, President of Inolex. “The Hall is an inviting space to grow our global team, welcome our customers and partners, and fuel our imaginations. We believe the future of ingredient design must embrace boundary-less innovation, and now we have the space to further such collaboration.”

The Hall establishes an open environment for Inolex’s team to connect and gather, bringing individual and collective strengths together to move forward. Many of company’s core capabilities that are currently based in Philadelphia will relocate to the centre of the city in an iconic building.

The historic landmark, known as the Curtis Building, is just steps from where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were adopted—both symbols of the power of collaboration. The building once housed the thriving Curtis Publishing Company, home of the Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, and other well-known magazines that brought together celebrated writers and artists, including illustrator Maxfield Parrish who worked with Louis Comfort Tiffany to create the lobby’s breathtaking mural, the Dream Garden.

Today, that same concerted, creative spirit lives at Inolex, aligned in the work-life approach for a growing number of life science companies in the building.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into the atmosphere we want to create for our people. The Hall represents so many elements we embrace,” said Mike Dall, Chief Financial Officer of Inolex. “We are reminded of how great minds have come together, and how this energy of collaboration can create something with lasting impact.”

For Inolex, establishing The Hall in this monumental location honors the company’s roots in Philadelphia while anchoring it within one of the most vibrant growing corridors for science and biotech firms on the East Coast. The move mirrors the unique culture Inolex nurtures, one that is rebellious and thoughtful, intentional and welcoming.

“You can feel an energy and dynamic sense of place within these walls. It’s exactly the kind of environment we want as a company of thinkers, designers, and creators,” said Dall.

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