Inventing safe and convenient sun care for you with Baycusan® ingredients

Published: 11-May-2017

Beach-friendly Sun Protection with Baycusan® C 1004
Building sand castles or splashing around in the sea – children love everything about the beach. Except for annoying breaks to put on more sun cream, sticky hands and itchy skin! Fortunately, our water-based film former Baycusan® C1004 allows for very water-resistant emulsions with a sand resistance effect. It combines safe and easy application with comfortable long-term protection.

Superior protection for sensitive skin with Baycusan® C 1000
With its ability to avoid UV filters migration and its self-stabilising properties, Baycusan® C 1000 enables emulsions to be created with the lowest levels of allergenic agents like UV filters and emulsifiers while maintaining the highest levels of protection and water resistance. Formulations absorb quickly and leave a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Inventing safe and convenient sun care for you with Baycusan<sup>®</sup> ingredients

Transparent & Dry Touch Sun Protection with Baycusan® C 2000
The high versatility of Baycusan® C 2000 film former makes it suitable for transparent sunscreen gels, aerosol sprays and oils that can be easily applied even on wet skin. It leaves an invisible film providing exceptional sensory, outstanding water resistance and increasing the SPF. Baycusan® C 2000 allows formulating sun oils almost ethanol-free showing water resistance even in saltwater and leaving a velvety & dry after-feel.

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