Is age just a number? Olay says women are starting to think so

In a survey of 6,800 women, 80% believe their actual age is becoming less relevant

P&G skin care brand Olay has released a new infographic (below) that demonstrates the changing attitudes of women towards skin and the ageing process.

The data, which was gathered as part of a global survey in partnership with on 6,800 women in 11 countries, revealed that women’s attitudes towards ageing are changing – and for the positive.

Whereas before, women might have defined themselves more stringently by their actual age, the survey found that 80% of women globally believe their actual age will continue to become less relevant as time goes on. Looking at women in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, 85% believe age is becoming less relevant. Similarly 73% of women in the UAE say age is less relevant than it was for their mothers.

However, women do believe that the way a person looks gives away their age more than behaviour. Three quarters (75%) of women believe physical appearance is more likely to give away a woman’s age than the way she behaves. Looking at the different ways men and women are perceived, 90% of the women surveyed in the US agreed that as women age the way they are perceived changes more than it does for men.