Is fibre-dense technology the cure for 'skinny hair'?

Fudge Professional has launched what it is calling "a revolution in men's grooming"

Fudge has created what it is calling “a revolution in men’s grooming”.

The new Xpander Jelly (£12.95) hair styling product is said to provide an answer to those suffering from 'skinny' or thin hair. It contains ‘fibre-dense technology’, which the brand said makes use of fast-absorbing wheat protein and enzyme fibre actives to increase the density of hair by a massive 100% in tests it conducted on natural hair wefts.

The product, which is light-weight, non-sticky and paraben-free, also contains hydrolysed keratin and vitamin B5 to improve hair strength and reduce breakage, while it has the added benefit of protecting hair from temperatures of up to 235°C.

John Vial, Creative Director at Fudge Professional, said: “The new Fudge Professional Xpander Jelly is a game changer for the male grooming market. The fibre-dense technology expands the hair’s fibres, giving the illusion of a thicker and fuller head of hair. It’s the miracle product that men have been waiting for – not only is it going to reignite their hair, it will reignite their confidence too.”