IsisPharma dermatology extends range with Virospack's dropper pack

IsisPharma dermatology, specialists in cutaneous homeostasis and in the service of dermatology since is foundation in 1987, extend their Geneskin range with three products presented in a Virospack full dropper pack.

GENESKIN is a complete skincare range of 5 products that target the origins of skin ageing and help the skin recover its natural balance.

There are products manufactured in Lyon-France, in strict conformity with French and European Union regulation, subjected to rigorous dermatological testing, and formulated with innovative and selected ingredients of proven efficiency.

Cosmetics presented in a packaging manufactured and decorated in VIROSPACK, in Barcelona-Spain, for a perfect dosage and a precise and safe application; with high quality finishes.

GENESKIN Lift – Lifting Serum, its concentrated formulation in Hyaluronic acid (with high and low molecular weight), boosts moisture, smooths and reinforces the skin. Wrinkles are reduced and the skin is plumped.

Its presentation, faithful to the briefing and the brand positioning, offers a dermocosmetics image of quality. The pack consists of a 28ml tubular glass bottle - painted in opaque white and decorated with gold hot stamping and black screen printing, and a classic bulb dropper in black.

GENESKIN White – Lightening Serum, acts simultaneously on both, skin tone uniformity and pigmentary spots, thanks to its lightening action. Spots are diminished and the skin recovers its uniformity.

The full pack by Virospack, is identical to Geneskin Lift Serum Lifting.

GENESKIN C Premium – Radiance booster offers a powerful antioxidant protection, thanks to the synergistic action of vitamin C and vitamin E, which protects the skin from free radicals and prevents skin ageing. It instantly improves the complexion’s bright and radiance complexion of the skin.

Due to its high concentration in vitamin C, GENISKIN C Premium is presented in a 10ml bottle with a compression cap, along with a luxury dropper.

A premium presentation at the same time as cosmeceutical, which in addition to being appealing, ensures the stability of the formula until its use.

The vial is gold metallised with black printing for a quality and luxury image. The pack, in addition to the black cap, has a dropper with a black rubber bulb and a gold aluminium collar overshell.

The dropper is for the dispensing once the package opened, the perfect precise applicator, which is the ideal for a high concentration product such as GENISKIN C Premium.

Full range with a quality image to correct and care skin thanks to is anti-ageing properties.

Effective formulas, preserved and applied in the most accurate, comfortable and safe form, in a full dropper pack by VIROSPACK.

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