Italy predicts 19% cosmetics export boost in 2011


Overall sales to rise 6% to €9.1bn

Italian cosmetics industry organisation Unipro has said it expects a rise of some 6% in overall sales to around €9.1bn in the sector in 2011 compared with last year with exports set to increase by 19% compared with growth of a mere 1% on the domestic market. Growth in total sales in 2010 over the year earlier was some 5.2% to €8.6bn with exports at €2.4bn.

While 2010 closed on a relatively dynamic note, the first few months of 2011 were characterised by a slowdown on the domestic market offset by a marked surge in exports which increased 20% in first quarter. The forecast for the end of the year of Italian cosmetics sales reaching a total in value terms of €9.1bn would represent a record for the sector.

However the Italian national market, which expanded by only 1.5% in first half 2011, is only expected to record growth of some 2% for the second half of the year. This is mainly due to political and economic uncertainties and the contraction of consumer purchasing power.