JML and ITV launch \'chatmercial\' teleshopping channel The Store


Viewers will be able to buy health, beauty and home products, which will be sold through in-depth demonstrations in front of a studio audience

JML, the consumer brand and TV home shopping company, and ITV, the UK's largest commercial broadcaster, have launched a new teleshopping channel called The Store.

The Store will take the format of a 'chatmercial', the term used to describe an infomercial and chat show hybrid; uniquely, it will also be filmed in front of a studio audience. Viewers will be able to watch in-depth demonstrations of products from the health, beauty, gift and home categories, before deciding whether to purchase via phone or online at

Among the beauty brands on sale are: Manuka Doctor, Bollywood Professional, Frankie Essex Hair, Chloe Sims Starship By Montana Tan, Genie Beauty Products, NuBrilliance, Pedipro Deluxe, MicroTouch Max and überlâsh.

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The Store will broadcast seven days a week, 24 hours a day on Sky channel 642 and FreeSat channel 809, while selected content will also be streamed on and 'chatmercials' will air for two hours per week on Sunday nights on ITV. The Store will also broadcast up to seven hours a day on Freeview channel 39.