Japonesque and Topspin Consumer Partners buy Barefoot Scientist

By Julia Wray 18-Aug-2022

Dana Ward’s foot care brand launched in 2019 with the aim of treating feet in the same specialised way as we treat the face, hair and body

<i>Barefoot Scientist’s hero product is its PreHeels+ blister prevention spray</i>

Barefoot Scientist’s hero product is its PreHeels+ blister prevention spray

Make-up brush innovator Japonesque, together with private equity firm Topspin Consumer Partners, has acquired Barefoot Scientist.

A foot care brand established in 2019 by Dana Ward, Barefoot Scientist offers premium foot care aiming to treat feet in the same specialised way that consumers treat their faces, hair and bodies.

Its line-up includes Barefoot Scientist’s initial launch and hero product PreHeels+ blister prevention spray.

“We are delighted to welcome Dana and the Barefoot Scientist brand to our portfolio of female founded brands and look forward to growing this business together,” said Simon Worraker, CEO of Japonesque.

“There is enormous potential within the beauty and wellness space, but also in the performance sports arena.”

Ward added: “I’m very proud of what we have achieved to date. It is exciting to consider the next phase of brand expansion leveraging Japonesque’s expertise and resources.

“To be able to bring happier, healthier feet to the world is a dream – and now we can get there even faster.”

Japonesque was founded by Paula Forberg Beritzhoff, whose brushes were inspired by Japanese make-up artists in Kabuki theatre.

Topspin Consumer Partners invested in Japonesque in September 2019 and has since worked with the Japonesque team to expand the business organically and via acquisition.

In 2020, Japonesque onboarded The Original Makeup Eraser, founded by Lexi McCarthy.

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Barefoot Scientist marks its second acquisition.