Jigsaw moves into male youth market as it acquires No Fear distribution rights

Three new scents to debut in 2011

Fragrance distributor Jigsaw ESL has announced that it will launch three new scents targeting the male market, after securing the distribution rights to California-founded sports brand No Fear. The brand currently has 50 lifestyle stores in the US and its apparel is also available internationally.

Working with Jigsaw, No Fear will launch No Fear Urban, No Fear Typhoon and No Fear Extreme this year – all of which are scents aimed at the 15-25 male market.

Speaking about the new addition to its portfolio, Kate Morris, Jigsaw’s sales director says: “We have had enormous success in recent years with brands that target younger women including Katy Perry’s Purr and Katie Price’s various perfumes but our research into the male market has identified a gap.

“Men who are 15-25 and who are alternative in their lifestyle choices don’t currently have their needs met by the fragrance retail market and we believe that No Fear is an excellent brand which will attract them into buying fragrance for the first time.”