Jojoba Desert launches the ultimate natural powder

Ever since talc was linked to ovarian and lung cancers, consumers have shied away from talc-containing baby powder, and sales have plummeted. As a result, powder—once used by millions for a long-lasting, clean feeling—had almost become a dirty word in the beauty and personal care industry.

At the same time, it’s also left a hole in the market. Consumers yearn for a safe alternative to deliver a comparable skinfeel to the powder they’d used for so long.

Fortunately, the formulators at Jojoba Desert, an Israel-based, industry-leading supplier of Jojoba oil, have come to the rescue with its JD Jojoba Silk-Like Powder.

This innovative product integrates JD Jojoba oil with Tapioca starch, resulting in a silky and smooth cosmetic powder. Due to the presence of JD Jojoba oil in the formulation, JD Jojoba Silk- Like Powder is also rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, containing both Omega 9 and Vitamin E.

It’s non-GMO and aluminum-free as well, and compatible with oils, water, emulsifiers and surfactants. But the best part about the powder? Due to its unique, velvety and non-fluffy texture, it’s highly safe for consumers and formulators alike.

“The powder’s granule-like texture does not enter the lungs if released into the air upon application, which beautifully responds to recent market demands for healthier, more natural cosmetic powders,” explains Lee Reuveni, CEO at Jojoba Desert.

“So far, the market’s response to JD’s product has been overwhelmingly positive. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

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