KFC launches scented candle


Fast food brand creates candle as part of Advent celebration

KFC has created a scented candle as part of a social media campaign in New Zealand.

While this is the first time the brand has expanded into home fragrance, KFC has previously created other tie-in products including 3,000 bottles of sunscreen which it distributed free of charge in the US. The brand also created a flavoured nail polish in Hong Kong, as part of an advertising campaign with Ogilvy.

This latest innovation is part of a wider Advent Calendar-based giveaway on social media accounts in New Zealand.

Consumers wishing to win a fried-chicken scented candle are being asked to suggest other KFC tie-in merchandise. Current suggestions include perfume, lip balms, air fresheners and hand soap.

Other items offered in the advent giveaway include KFC-branded socks, art prints, mugs and hats.

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