Kanebo calls on consumers to sign up as Smile Connect 'monitors'

By Sarah Parsons 10-Mar-2017

The Japanese brand plans to use consumers to collect data about skin moisture through the launch of a new device that plugs into a smartphone headphone jack and corresponding app

Japanese skin care brand Kanebo is getting under its customers' skin by launching its Smile Connect app.

The app works in partnership with a skin moisture sensor which can be plugged into a smartphone in order to record data as soon as the it touches the skin.

The brand says it plans on using the information collected to refine its formulations, and develop new products and marketing strategies.

Customers that sign up as monitors will receive the device for free at Kanebo Cosmetics counters. Those using the sensor are incentivised to take part in the research as Kanebo says it will help the individual discover their skin care needs.

According to the brand, frequent usage will result in a nuanced understanding of the individual's skin, as well as how it is influenced by the menstrual cycle and lifestyle habits, i.e. sleep and alcohol.

Shiko Nakane, Manager for Marketing Strategy Planning at Kanebo Cosmetics, said: “By taking daily measurements, customers can get closer in touch with their skin and better understand the types of care they need.

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“As they get a sense of seasonal changes over time, they gain skill at applying care products by different methods and in different dosages. They also learn to choose optimal products for the season and for their own ages and biological rhythms.”