Kanebo targets women over 60


New skin care range aimed at ageing population

Japanese skin care brand Kanebo has launched its first range of skin care products aimed exclusively at women aged over 60.

TWANY Glow (from ¥1,800) contains essential oils to help counteract the low sebum content of older skin. The range includes a cleansing cream, facial soap, lotion, emulsion and a cream. Each product has slight viscocity for easy application even with older hands and is packaged in an easy-to-hold oval-shapped bottle. The screw caps have fewer twists to make them easier to open.

Kanebo says women over 60 make up 17% of Japan's female population and almost 40% of those who use cosmetics. The per capita spending of this group s also the highest, and they tend to have a more positive attitude towards skin care than younger women.

Yukio Makino, Brand Manager of TWANY, explained: "Women in their 60s belond to Japan's baby boomer generation, which has been at the forefront of mass consumptionm and they care about their appearance." He added: "Our research revealed that 90% of these women use skin care on a daily or almost daily basis, which is a higher ration than for younger generations."

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"Until recently in Japan, emphasis was placed on young and middle-aged customers and women in their 50s and older tended to get grouped into one big segment. But women in their 60s – who represent the majority of Japan's cosmetics-using population – skin care that fulfills their particular lifestyles, spending patterns and beauty needs is essential," Makino adds.