Kao to develop system to select cosmetics based on skin RNA

By Julia Wray | Published: 14-Mar-2022

A joint initiative with istyle aims to assess 10,000 people and create a database by end of 2023

Kao Corporation is teaming up with e-commerce company istyle on an initiative to develop a system that enables the selection of cosmetics based on skin RNA types.

The initiative, which will use sebum RNA monitoring technology developed by Kao, aims to improve consumer satisfaction while reducing product waste.

From spring 2022, said Kao, the initiative will begin collecting RNA in the sebum of consenting members of the @cosme site, Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty website, which is operated by istyle.

It will then analyse the skin RNA type and the cosmetics selected to build a database based on the data of 10,000 people for efficient cosmetics selection.

The Japanese conglomerate believes this will create encounters with cosmetics that match individual skin types.

While many @cosme customers choose cosmetics by referring to reviews posted there, evaluations of the same product may vary, with one reason being the different body and skin characteristics of each individual.

Kao’s sebum RNA monitoring technology features an oil blotting paper which is used to collect sebum from the face; RNA in the sebum is then extracted and analysed.

Using this data, Kao has been studying how to group skin types with similar RNA expression.

The companies aim to build a database by the end of 2023.

Going forward, both Kao and istyle said they plan to use the database to develop services and products that enable users to search for cosmetics more objectively.

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