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Committed to improving the health and nutrition of consumers worldwide

Committed to improving the health and nutrition of consumers worldwide, Kemin Industries entered the personal care market in January of 2011. Kemin’s expertise in plant science, product function at the molecular level and control of raw materials allows us to streamline natural products with maximized efficacy and reliability. The personal care division offers natural antioxidants and cold process emulsifiers for cosmetics, skin, hair and body care product manufacturers.

Rosamox™ is a natural antioxidant from our own proprietary rosemary. Rosamox prevents oxidative degradation of oils, reducing off appearance and odor. Rosamox is an effective BHT replacement for natural formulations.

Lysofix™ is a 100% natural emulsifier extracted from non-GMO soybeans. Our patented process generates a single chain phospholipid that creates and emulsion superior in stability and usability. Lysofix can be used in both hot and cold processing without a thickening effect.
FloraGLO™ Lutein is a natural antioxidant from marigold extract. When applied topically and daily, FloraGLO Lutein may demonstrate an increase in skin hydration, lipid content and elasticity.

Extensive research and testing ensures that the products we offer meet rigid standards of quality and consistency. Kemin makes choosing natural ingredients achievable without compromise, making us the ideal partner for your natural ingredient needs.

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