Korea’s top authenticity platform SWEBS enters US market


RMG, a Korean enterprise specialising in hologram security, is taking its innovative authentication technology to the US market

Having recently established a joint venture subsidiary in the US, the company plans to begin marketing its key patented product, SWEBS, an authentication platform that integrates hologram-encrypted QR codes.

SWEBS syncs together hologram labels, an app, and a web authentication system, and encrypts a non-replicable QR code into a hologram to combat any attempted forgery or falsification. With the platform, clients can protect their brand by tracking the authentication status in real time, all while managing distribution, AS, and warranty. Moreover, the solution can be utilised as a marketing tool, based on accumulated data.

RMG’s US joint venture, SWEBS, is eponymous with its product name and was founded last September. Through the joint venture, RMG is prepared to take marketing activities into full swing, from participating in major trade fairs such as the CES, PACK EXPO, and Cosmoprof Las Vegas, to engaging in active digital marketing.

“Holograms evolve through ongoing R&D so they're difficult to replicate and offer strong security. This technology was patented for the first time in Korea by RMG, and is also patented in the US,” said Alicia Heejung Kim, CEO of RMG.

RMG’s product offerings also include “Secutech,” an anti-tampering optimised hologram for advanced technologies and materials, and “Sealticker,” a combination of "sealing" and "sticker". With the Sealticker, users can identify whether a product has been opened or not by the mark it leaves when removed. Also, the “Position Sealticker,” developed by RMG with its own technology, can be used not only to identify whether a product has been tampered but also to verify its authenticity. Sealticker labels are available on Amazon and Alibaba in both ready-made and custom-made types.

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