Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics site suffers privacy glitch


The website revealed names and addresses of customers

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics website,, suffered a privacy glitch on Monday after the names, addresses, contact details and order history of customers were displayed for others to see.

When users logged onto the site, they were said to have been redirected to other customers’ accounts, according to TMZ. If a user refreshed the page it would come up with yet another customer's account details.

The team behind the reality star’s lip products are reported to have said they were unaware that the privacy breach was happening when members of the public complained to the site, but they took quick action to correct the mishap.

Jenner went on Twitter to update users of the site. She tweeted: “I’m going to change our holding page (“the line” which keeps my site from crashing because of the mass amounts of people).” She then tweeted shortly afterwards: “And find an alternative that still keeps my site up and running. I don’t like it either.” She continued: “But I love you guys and my passion for my business is very serious.”

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The day the glitch occurred there was a high volume of traffic on the website due to the restocking of Jenner’s popular Lip Kits. Prior to her first tweet addressing the site error, Jenner confirmed that the site had experienced the highest sales figures at any one time of its glosses and mattes.