LEHVOSS UK to exhibit at SCS Formulate


Stand 201

A distributor of innovative, technology led and trend inspired raw materials.

A member of the LEHVOSS Personal Care group with office throughout Europe including our head office in Hamburg, Germany.

At SCS Formulate they will focus on Environmental Protection, Naturally Sourced Products, Core Functionality with additional benefits and their range of formulation basics.

Join LEHVOSS and speak with representatives from:

  • Borregaard - Natural micro-fibrillar cellulose thickeners
  • Natural Plant products - Sustainable vegetables oils with hair and skin functionality and performance to challenge silicones.
  • Pacifique Sud - Natural and sustainably sourced ingredients for the South Pacific Islands.
  • Stéarinerie Dubois - Emollient esters that provide functionality, texture and sensory appeal to all formulations.

On Tuesday at 14:20 in Room A LEHVOSS will give a presentation on the new environmental Protection active designed by Greentech.

LEHVOSS UK to exhibit at SCS Formulate

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