LG gets daily dose of vitamin C

The growing popularity of cosmetics made from natural ingredients has prompted many consumers to avoid the perceived risks that novel ingredients might bring.

LG Household & Health Care, South Korea’s second largest cosmetics maker, hopes to bring the benefits of pure vitamin C to skin care in a novel format. Interest in vitamin C began some 20 years ago with a scientific paper showing that the vitamin could reduce UVB damage to the skin. However, pure vitamin C is easily destroyed by heat and light and difficult to stabilise in cosmetics. LG claims to have devised a way to use pure vitamin C by keeping the products at or below 5°C. At this temperature, the vitamin remains stable. The company also claims that the product helps remove wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and has a skin whitening effect. Its new Vitamin C Concentrate Serum is sold under the Frostine brand name, priced at South Korean Won (KRW) 50,000 for 25ml.