L’Oréal Middle East taps Accenture to revamp digital strategy


The international beauty group is seeking to overhaul its digital marketing strategy and provide consumers with a more personalised experience

L’Oréal Middle East taps Accenture to revamp digital strategy

L’Oréal has joined forces with consulting giant Accenture in an attempt to boost consumer engagement.

The partnership aims to leverage Accenture's expertise in data-driven marketing to provide L'Oréal Middle East with a more precise and connected approach in the region.

"As a digital-first company, we are focused on using technology to innovate and deliver beauty experiences tailored for our consumers," said Mehdi Moutaoukil, L'Oréal Middle East's Chief Marketing Officer.

L'Oréal Middle East aims to personalise content across all of its digital platforms.

The group will also streamline its consumer engagement approach with more relevant product messaging, recommendations and rewards across its beauty products online.

David Fregonas, Accenture’s lead for the Middle East, said: "The rapid rise in e-commerce over the past 18 months is paving the way for brands to tap deeper human insights so they can be more creative in every digital engagement."

A recent Accenture study found that the proportion of online purchases for personal care and make-up products by previously infrequent e-commerce users in the UAE has increased 525% since the pandemic.

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Accenture has previously helped Shiseido fuse online and offline experiences as part of a strategic partnership to accelerate the beauty company’s digital transformation.