L’Oréal Paris Colorista faces social media backlash for staining users' hair green

The wash-out hair dye brand comes in 13 shades from lilac to turquoise to orange

Consumers have taken to social media to slam L’Oréal trend-led hair care brand Colorista for staining their tresses green.

The £6.99 semi-permanent pastel hair colour is said to wash-out in one to two weeks, however disgruntled users have shared their disappointment via Twitter and Amazon.

Twitter consumer Lydia wrote: “L’Oréal Colorista hair dye in purple turned my hair GREEN. I’ve been using semi perm. hair dyes for years, THIS IS THE WORSE THING EVER.”

“Never use L’Oréal Colorista washout, put the blue one in my hair in Feb. came out green never washed out and now bleach won’t take it out,” wrote fellow Twitter user Kayleigh.

Similarly, consumers who bought L’Oréal Colorista via Amazon shared their negative experiences.

L’Oréal Colorista Amazon reviews:

  • Initially it was an OK colour although didn't give very even coverage. Reason for 1 star is after one wash the colour had basically gone and it started turning green... took ages for the green to fully disappear!
  • WORST PRODUCT EVER!!!! I had lovely silver / white hair and had tried the pink colorista which washout perfect. THE BLUE ON THE OTHER HAND DID NOT!!!! I have just been to the hairdresser and had my hair dyed brown to get rid of the horrible green colour that did not wash out... TOTALLY RUINED MY HAIR!!!
  • I would leave 0 stars if I could. Six weeks after using indigo my hair is still green!
  • Another one stained green here. Used the indigo on my mid golden blonde waist length hair. The initial color was lovely but after a single wash it was a sickly green. Now weeks later, many many washes, a color stripper, and its still a permanent gross green with no signs of shifting.

  • British newspaper Metro also slammed the hair dye with a first-person news story detailing L’Oréal Colorista’s unexpected results.

    “I used the lilac dye after previously getting my hair bleached and loved the result. The patches of mouldy green which stayed behind though… Not so much the look I was going for,” Jen Mill wrote for the Metro.

    A spokesperson from L’Oréal Paris told Cosmetics Business: “The Colorista brand offers a new approach to delivering a range of colour effects to the hair – from cool pastel shades to super bright hair colours.

    “As with all hair colour products, the end-result will vary from individual to individual based different factors, including application techniques, hair condition and hair colour history.

    “ L’Oréal Paris takes all feedback from our consumers very seriously. We will investigate this matter further and will take the appropriate decisions regarding the particular shades.”