L'Oréal study finds cream results comparable to a laser


Revitalift Laser X3 found to increase skin density, firmness and tonicity

L'Oréal has carried out a clinical study in order to compare the efficacy of its new anti-ageing cream Revitalift Laser X3 to another dermatological laser built up from fragmented CO2. The L'Oréal product is claimed to induce collagen synthesis with the effect of increasing the density, firmness and tonicity of the skin.

The company undertook its study on 50 women aged between 45 and 55 and intends to make report the results in a scientific publication. It was found that after eight weeks of Revitalift treatment applied twice daily, the product reduced cutaneous micro-relief by 18% compared with 20% for the laser CO2. The product is based on a patented molecule.