Lancaster app reminds users when to top up sunscreen

The Sun Timer app is able to monitor the level of sun exposure

Lancaster has launched an app designed to help consumers remember to reapply their sunscreen.

The Sun Timer app monitors users' levels of sun exposure and recommends when to reapply SPF using a specifically developed timer. The app accounts for variables including the user’s location, the way their skin tans, the time of day and the SPF of the product applied.

After applying lotion, the user is shown a timer counting down to their next application. An alarm and pop-up message alert the user when they need to reapply sunscreen. When the user has reached their maximum level of sun exposure, the app will advise them to go indoors to reduce their risk of burning.

Lancaster's app differs from other similar offerings that measure the user's exposure based on the number of hours individuals should be in the sun before reapplication. This new app uses an algorithm based on dynamic sun intensity determined every minute and the real SPF of the sun product applied. The Lancaster Sun Timer App is able to calculate exposure levels on an individual basis.

The app will be available to download for free on IOS and Android devices later this month and is said to work almost anywhere in the world. Users will also be able to scan a QR code to download the app directly.