Lancôme chooses Axilone to package Absolute l’Extrait range


L’Oréal brand Lancôme enlisted the help of US company Axilone to package two skus from its Absolute l’Extrait range. Axilone previously created the top of the Extrait Yeux jar for Lancôme.

For its latest project, Axilone developed a total of 16 parts including the lid, collar, facing plate and base of the jars for both the Serum and Eau de Soin items, making full use of its competence with both metal and plastics.

The collars consist of a pump hider with a shoulder plate between them. The lids are in four pieces: a glued plastic PP insert with an engraved aluminium overcap, and an aluminium chimney as well as an internal metal ballast.

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The base of the jar as well as the facing plate come in metal with an anodised gold finish, while the facing plate is decorated using black pad printing.