Lehvoss Personal Care release Luvocare Essentials for a palm free equivalent to betaine


The use of palm oil and palm kernel oil in personal care products is coming under growing scrutiny from a social and environmental standpoint.

As a result there is an increasing amount of materials on the market that are either palm free or produced using sustainably sourced palm oil (RSPO certified).

LEHVOSS Personal Care always strive to offer a range of materials that are innovative and competitively priced whilst also taking into account our environmental responsibility.

With this in mind, LEHVOSS Personal Care are proud to release a new range of materials under the LUVOCARE Essentials banner – these materials are centred around Betaine’s which are either Palm Free or RSPO certified.

The different grades of Betaine available within this new range are as follows:

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For more information on these competitively priced materials, please contact your local sales personnel at LEHVOSS, or email pc@lehvoss.co.uk.

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