Lindal Group appoints Tony Harman to head Customer Technical Services (CTS) team

Aerosol packaging company aims to improve commercialisation of clients' products

Aerosol packaging company Lindal Group has named Tony Harman as the head of its newly formed Customer Technical Services (CTS) team.

The team has been created to help customers accelerate the development of packaging solutions created to support commercialisation and brand building.

Harman is already Lindal Group’s Managing Director/Sales Director. He said: “The role of CTS is six-fold: technical support, component specification, product recommendations, regulatory issues, sampling and customer questions.

"The unit works in close coordination with two key company entities, Lindal’s new Global Innovation Center (GIC) and its business development team, further enhancing supply chain efficiencies.”

Emphasis is now being placed on the speed of helping clients, with Harman explaining that the time it takes to specify all-new valves can be reduced to days, as opposed to weeks.

He said: “Our GIC handles new projects and innovation, while our business development team acts as the sales side of the GIC. With the addition of the CTS, ours is a powerful, customer-facing organisation that speeds package development and delivers unsurpassed aerosol knowledge.

“It’s all part of our quest to help our customers meet their goals and anticipate tomorrow’s market needs.”

The group’s GIC, based in Briey, France, is designed as an R&D hub for the whole company. The facility is supported by local satellites that focus on pre-defined technological fields with a regional context.

Lindal Group designs, manufactures and sells valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products ac

ross a number of categories, including cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

It also works with clients in the food, technical industrial and household sectors.

The company is based in Hamburg, Germany, but operates through subsidiaries and licensees in more than 15 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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