Lipotec active for epigenetic reprogramming of skin


Epigenetics – which relates to the various possible readings of the information stored in DNA – is a big trend in the skin care industry

Among the biological processes regulated by means of epigenetics is the control of progenitor cells located in the basal layer of the epidermis.

With age, the regenerative potential of the epidermis decreases.

New from Lipotec is Reproage peptide, which the company says may induce cellular reprogramming in the epidermal basal layer through modulation of epigenetic elements to support the regenerative abilities of basal cells, leading to an improved appearance of mature skin.

Specifically, microRNA-145 is an epigenetic regulator known to repress the activity of stem cell transcription factors, suppressing the ‘stem’ properties of basal cells.

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The peptide reduces the levels of microRNA-145 and increases the level of stem cell factors, contributing to an improvement in the skin’s properties.

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