Lipotec confirms efficacy of EYESERYL peptide against baggy eyes in men


It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, able to reflect not only outer but also inner beauty.

The eyes are also one of the first areas where age-related signs and tiredness become noticeable, with the appearance of eyebags and dark circles.

Baggy eyes are mostly related to the ageing process itself. However, other factors such as gender, high body mass index and smoking also contribute to the presence of this aesthetic concern.

Gender in particular is believed to influence the presence of eye puffiness. Research suggests that men are more prone than women to have eyebags related to lipids due to fat protrusion.

EYESERYL peptide helps improve the overall appearance of the eye contour by minimising the presence of eyebags and dark circles and by reducing skin damage of this delicate area.

The ability of the peptide to minimise the eyebags volume was recently assessed in a new study performed on male volunteers between 30-65 years old with prominent eyebags that applied a cream containing 1% EYESERYL peptide solution on one eye contour and a placebo cream on the other, twice a day for 28 days.

Under-eye puffiness volume significantly decreased up to 29.7% after 28 days, and the overall appearance of the eye contour visibly improved as observed through digital photographs.

Reduced eye puffiness in men

In addition, on the self-evaluation of the subjects, 90% of the volunteers positively rated the treatment, willing to recommend the product as an efficient anti-eyebags treatment.

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EYESERYL peptide helps improve the under-eye region in men and women, being an ideal product to incorporate into eye contour formulations intended to minimise the appearance of fluid and fat-related eyebags as well as to reduce under-eye dark circles and tissue damage.

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