Lipotec fights the effects of pollution with new ingredient

Pollushield protects the skin from the effects of urban pollution

Lipotec has created a new ingredient designed to protect skin against urban pollution. Premature skin ageing is associated with exposure to pollutants.

Pollution can trigger the production of oxidative stress and damage proteins, which affects DNA as well as lipid peroxidation. Wrinkled skin, as well as dry, dull complexion can appear as a result as well as irritated skin.

Pollushield provides a barrier between the skin and pollutants and boosts the antioxidative defense of the skin. It binds toxic metals with a polymer with metal changing abilities to prevent them from interacting with the skin. It also contains potent free radical scavengers to avoid oxidative damage to the skin.

In vitro, epidermal cells treated with Pollushield had significantly higher cell viability of keratinocytes in the presence of urban dust, retaining almost normal levels. Ex vivo, the treated skin exposed to pollution maintained normal epidermal and dermal morphology and showed reduced damage.

Female volunteers regularly exposed to air pollution in Beijing applied a cream containing 5% Pollushield twice a day for 30 days. Skin treated with the cream showed significantly reduced levels of metals when compared to that treated with a placebo.

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