Lipotec finds hyaluronic acid-like effects in marine bacterium


Promises moisturisation and immediate wrinkle reduction

Lipotec has launched hyadisine, a hyaluronic-like, marine-based active ingredient with a high water retaining capacity, which boasts a long lasting moisturising effect and immediate wrinkle reduction.

hyadisine is an exopolysaccharide achieved through optimised bioprocesses from a marine bacterium that inhabits the Bay of Douarnenez in Brittany, rich in the same monosaccharide as hyaluronic acid. The ingredient is claimed to have excellent, long lasting moisturising and instant anti-wrinkle properties, and in vivo tests show it to reduce the appearance of lines in just two hours.

hyadisine forms part of Lipotec’s Biointec brand, which features active ingredients based on non-genetically modified organisms and supported by advanced biotechnologies.

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