Lipotec proposes a colourful beauty routine for a healthy-looking skin

A healthy life in harmony with the planet has become an essential goal in our time. Just as we are aware of the impact our consumption habits have on the planet, we also seek that the products we consume be safe and healthy and have a positive effect on our body.

The ancient Chinese believed that a healthy and balanced diet could be achieved by consuming vegetables and fruits from five colour families (red, yellow/orange, green, blue/purple and white/brown) as a way to get a broad range of vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals that can enhance our health and protect us from disease, in addition to giving equilibrium to our body.

While eating well is part of an effective beauty-from-within routine, it should be complemented by a healthy skin care. Superfoods are no longer just for eating, they’re actually amazingly effective ingredients in personal care that provide the benefits of nature’s very best to help us look and feel better.

To satisfy this raising need, Lipotec proposes to incorporate superfoods in our beauty routine by following the traditional five-coloured diet in topical skin care formulations with a selection of food-based ACTIPHYTE botanical extracts from the Active Ingredients inspired by nature range.

A well-adjusted beauty routine can be as simple as following a rainbow where each colour offers valuable benefits for the skin:


Powerful ingredients that boost collagen synthesis and maintain elasticity to counteract the signs of ageing for a radiant and youthful appearance.

ACTIPHYTE beet reinforces skin elasticity against sagginess. The minerals contained in beet produce hyaluronic acid, which is believed to slow down premature ageing and boost collagen keeping a firm and supple skin.

ACTIPHYTE pomegranate may protect collagen structure for a youthful glow. Comprising Vitamin C, the pomegranate provides a natural glow. Its ellagic acid also helps prevent collagen breakdown during sun exposure and improves its quality for a young looking skin.

Yellow & Orange

Energetic antioxidants that fight skin-damaging free radicals for a more vibrant and healthy complexion.

ACTIPHYTE ginger reduces skin reactivity aggravated by free radicals. Rich in phenolic compounds and gingerol, ginger helps sooth the skin and protect it from free radicals, thus being a natural shield for sensitive skin.

ACTIPHYTE grapefruit can provide a fresh looking skin despite reactive aggressors.

The mix of vitamins contained in grapefruit stimulates cell regeneration and reverse free radical damage, bringing a fresh look to the skin.


Protective elements to help reduce the damage caused by the environmental factors such as UVB and pollution, as well as restore sun-damaged skin.

ACTIPHYTE avocado supports enrichment for dry skin caused by environmental hazards. One of the most famous superfood, avocado has unique lipid molecules that reduce UVB inflammation and enhance DNA damage repair mechanism caused by pollution and other harmful activities, improving skin complexion and density.

ACTIPHYTE broccoli is a green shield contra sun damage. The photo protective properties of the CoQ10 and Vitamin C included in the broccoli slow down the premature ageing process produced by sunlight.

Blue & Purple

Essential minerals and fatty acids that assist in nurturing the skin for a luminous and hydrated look.

ACTIPHYTE eggplant may seal the essential moisture. Eggplant contains plenty of minerals that help retain the natural moisture, which can be advantageous to keep the skin well-hydrated, thus allowing to achieve a flawless looking skin.

ACTIPHYTE acai berry nourishes the skin for a luminous appearance. The omega fatty acids of the acai berry assist in preventing skin dryness and premature ageing, which together with the vitamins included in it can aid skin regeneration and provide a bright complexion.

White and Brown

Strong antioxidants that can prevent sebum peroxidation and soothe irritation of acne prone skin.

ACTIPHYTE almond regulates oil balance in a hydrated skin. Almond may enhance the complexion thanks to its unsaturated fatty acids that nourish the skin and its Vitamin E that seals the moisture and ensures the pores are unblocked for a clean appearance.

ACTIPHYTE quinoa may purify imperfections for a flawless looking skin. Rich in minerals such as Mg and Zn with antibacterial properties and Vitamin C with anti-inflammatory effect, quinoa assists in obtaining a uniform skin complexion while reducing the visible pimples caused by acne.

Under the name of Tutti Foodie. Back to basics., Lipotec offers a selection of botanical extracts with valuable properties that can be incorporated into different topical formulations to create a complete beauty routine and fulfil all the skin needs.

* ACTIPHYTE is a registered trademark ingredient of Lipotec

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