Lipotrue releases new active ingredient


V-4s is said to protect skin from the main four radicals

The three core human instincts, social, sexual and self-preservation are very well known, but recently this last one has shifted to a more community preservation instinct.

By nature, we need to socialise and to feel part of a community. As part of a community we feel that we are valued, more confident and secure.

So, how have we lost our confidence? Internal and external factors such as pollution, smoke, UV radiation, natural ageing process, stress, diet, etc. generate radical species such as ROS, RNS, RSS and RCS that induce a radicalised skin with more wrinkles, redness, itching, dryness and even dark spots.

Consequently, there is a loss of self-esteem and confidence that nurtures cocooning.

V-4s protects our skin from the main four radicals. V-4s decreases the levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) induced by H2O2 and ozone, scavenges sulfur (RSS) and nitril species (RNS), and protects against lipid-peroxidation-derived reactive carbonyl species (RCS).

V-4s combats the 4s, providing a total AntiRadical efficacy.

Break out from cocooning and V-confident, V-valued, V-secure, V-you, V-4s.

V-4s brings you three key benefits:

  • Wide-ranging antioxidant action
  • Combats main four radicals
  • The power to break out from cocooning.
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