Liz Earle tackles mental and physical wellbeing with walking app Go Jauntly

By Becky Bargh 6-Jun-2019

A study found 86% of women believe spending time outside relieves pressures and worries

Natural-inspired beauty brand Liz Earle has teamed up with walking app Go Jauntly to help consumers access nature around them.

A survey found 86% of women believe spending time in nature is good for relieving pressures and worries, which prompted the partnership.

Collaborating on a series of 12 walks, Liz Earle hopes to improve consumers’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Nine of the videos show walks around London, the Isle of Wight, Nottingham, Bath and Edinburgh, and feature an audio commentary with intel from Liz Earle Ambassador and Ethnobotanist Jame Wong.

“At Liz Earle we have always believed that a gentle skin care routine combined with a healthy lifestyle is nature’s secret to achieving radiantly healthy-looking skin,” said Wong.

“However, research is increasingly supporting the positive effects of being in nature for both our physical and mental wellbeing, as well as our skin.”

Wong’s inside knowledge is featured on walks along the Thames Path, Kew Gardens and Ventnor on the south eastern tip of the Isle of Wight.

The walks will also collate the CO2 emissions saved against driving, meanwhile, users will be rewarded with online discounts for Liz Earle products.

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