London is in bloom thanks to pubic displays from Venus

By Becky Bargh 15-Jun-2021

Beauty brand has introduced a temporary flower installation of female grooming styles to prune taboos on women’s shaving

London, UK, is in bloom thanks to a new immersive flower installation from shaving brand Venus.

On the back of the Gillette brand’s campaign to tackle shyness around using the word ‘pubic’, and to encourage women to speak freely about their grooming regime, Venus has put three female shaving styles proudly on show in London’s Shoreditch region.

Made up of real and colourful flowers, the displays were installed by local florists, situated on Shoreditch High Street and Mare Street, and are expected to be on show for the next two weeks.

Alongside Venus’ campaign, the brand has launched a new collection of shaving and skin care products (from £10), specifically for the pubic region, including an exfoliant, shave gel, razor and serum that can be used together to avoid ingrown hairs, shave bumps and redness when shaving the pubic region.

“We believe pubic grooming shouldn’t be a taboo subject, but instead something we all feel comfortable to talk about in public,” said Olivia Hughes, Senior Communications Manager for Venus.

“Whether hair is there, growing or gone, we want to help encourage and empower women to have open and honest conversations about their pubic areas, removing misinformation and tackling stigma at the same time.”

Venus launched the initiative after research found that almost half of UK women felt uncomfortable using the word ‘pubic’ in public, and around 47% had been made to feel judged for using the words ‘vagina’ or ‘pubic’ in front of others.

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To instead celebrate women’s vaginas, the brand introduced Vulva Appreciation Day on 12th May to coincide with the product launch.