Looking for quality control solutions? You might find one at our seminars


Looking for quality control solutions? You might find one at our seminars

The need for professionals in the QC microbiology industry to keep pace with emerging trends, techniques to optimize workflows, and well, just get out of the lab and network, is more important than ever. Our industry is constantly evolving, and luckily, we’re all in it together.

With common objectives and similar challenges, there’s nothing like in-person networking with other industry minds to get answers and share knowledge. Charles River will be hosting two events in the United States and France to help our industry learn how to find solutions.

With increasingly complex consumer, regulatory, and production demands, many manufacturers of consumer care and cosmetic ingredients and products tend to overlook available, proven, and modernized methods for assessing product quality and safety.

Join us in Ecully (Lyon), France, on September 11 and 12, 2019 to discuss some of the critical questions surrounding the quality control in the industry that need answers, such as:

  • Why is microbial quality so important for the cosmetics industry?
  • How can appropriate quality controls mitigate risk of product contaminations?
  • What are the available methods to implement lean manufacturing?
  • How can you evaluate the financial impact of your QC programs?

The answers to these questions and many others, including those on the validation of alternative methods, will be presented in two separate half day events in both French and English. You can learn more by visiting our seminar homepages.

Looking for quality control solutions? You might find one at our seminars

Looking for something larger? Consider the QC Micro Summit, taking place September 24 – 26 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

This summit will focus strictly on thought leadership for attendees from the pharmaceutical and personal care industries, cultivating an environment for open discussion and sharing best practices and ideas. Learn about:

  • The importance of data integrity and how it relates to human error and automation through real world examples
  • Experiences in adopting rapid technology from Phil Geis, PhD, author of Cosmetic Microbiology
  • Process control strategies including concepts connecting PAT, Six Sigma, and LEAN methodology, and how these strategies can be incorporated into routine testing and a strong quality system
  • Investigation strategies that span across your organization, from the lab to the cleanroom, and ways to more efficiently and effectively determine root cause.
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