Love is in the air: The a-scent of the wedding fragrance

Wedding fragrances are making waves in an industry known for its ability to customise, conceptualise and cater to every whim – The Big Day now spells Big Money for scent, reports Katie Middleweek

We all know that weddings are big business – that’s stating the obvious.

And while the beauty industry is no stranger to playing its part in the biggest day of a couple’s life, (after all bridal hair and make-up have long been a staple fixture), one area is very much coming to the fore – wedding fragrances.

Scent, unlike the other senses we possess, is directly linked to our limbic system which is the area of the brain most closely associated with both memory and feeling; which is why smelling a particular note can conjure up such strong emotions and stir powerful memories.

Whether it be choosing, or creating, the most perfect and evocative scent for the bride or the groom, or even the bridal party or the venue itself, fragrance experts and companies are all getting on board to help scent become the new must-have bridal accessory.

Of course every bride will choose a nice perfume to wear on the day she says I do, but now . . .

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