Lumson: The 2020 balance and the new sustainability projects


Lumson’s industrial planning takes form in promoting innovative sales and development

Lumson: The 2020 balance and the new sustainability projects

Today the Lumson Group, of which Marino Belotti is an integral part of, opens itself up to the most advanced social politics with the intent of contributing to the promotion of a comprehensive concept of sustainable innovation in cosmetics packaging production.

Sustainability is understood to be an all-around measurable and tangible process resulting in the acronym S.M.I.L.E: sustainable, measurable, impact, loyalty, environment.

From the study of a design that respects ethical and environmental factors, to the choice of material and “greener” (more eco-friendly) materials; from the sustainable procurement of energy from renewable resources and the reduction of waste, to responsible production waste management.

Lumson’s industrial planning takes form in promoting innovative sales and development on an international scale with the goal of creating common synergies amongst all different types of production varying from skin care to make-up, based on ethical sustainability and product functionality.

Innovation is a basic component in the Lumson group which originates and is further strengthened in a more ample and multi-faceted synergy with The Polytechnic University of Milan and other centers of excellence in the development of new systems and materials.

The development path continued even throughout 2020, despite the difficulties linked to the pandemic, the group moved further along its social and innovative strategies, reaching new and important milestones.

“2020 was a particularly complex year during which we tried to give concrete answers to the safety and sustainability demands of the market, offering high-performing, avant-garde products,” comments Matteo Moretti, Lumson President.

“The Touchless systems, our airless systems, are evidence of this: they’ve opened the doors to a new interpretation of cosmetics packaging in which the protection of the formula is emphasized, giving a broader vision of respect for the environment, durability, and safety.

"With the arrival of the pandemic, our commitment to environmental, social, and economic sustainability became even stronger, if that even seems possible, and new goals have been added. One above all: to further increase our catalogue of sustainable products, SMILE, which presently represents 70% of the company’s global offers”.

Amongst the new launches in 2020 which all have sustainability as a common denominator and that signal an important step for Lumson’s industrial footprint, we must mention PLA 2.0 Lipstick, the lipstick created with an innovative and high-performing, bio-based material and Ecompact, the revolutionary compact case developed in collaboration with Marino Belotti following the principles of a circular economy (reduce, reuse, recycle) and awarded at the Italian Packaging Oscars 2020 in the Environment category.

Ecompact is a testament to the synergy between Lumson, a leader in dispensing and airless systems and Marino Belotti, an undisputed leader in make-up case systems, demonstrating how this has been translated into productive and innovative project planning.

Terry Belotti, CEO of Marino Belotti Srl, comments on the important recognition obtained by Ecompact: “2020 was without a doubt, a particularly difficult year at the human and economic level.

"The crisis of global proportions hit the world of makeup unexpectedly and with serious consequences. Despite the seriousness of the moment, all things aside, we’re happy about the recognition obtained by Ecompact: an avant-garde product that combines new market behaviours with Belotti’s creative and technical expertise and Lumson’s profound technical and productive know-how. It’s a product that expresses the synergy between the two companies, becoming a single reference for the cosmetic industry”.

Another step in the right direction along the road to sustainability is marked by the introduction of PCR glass into the product portfolio, the most recent news released by the company.

PCR glass is a post-consumer material that, after entering the recycling chain, takes on a new life. Thanks to a particular fusion process: from waste, the glass is regenerated and transformed into a precious resource that industries can use to produce new products.

Therefore, the utilization of PCR glass adds yet another sustainable option to the range of products offered by Lumson and is a testament to the company’s commitment to the research of processes and solutions that are more ethically and economically sustainable.

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“The new portfolio,” explains Matteo Moretti “will be available starting Q1/2021 and will have a percentage of PCR glass between 20-25% to guarantee maximum sparkle and shine. We want to add many other options to the PCR glass models already being offered with the goal of arriving at 90% of glass bottles being available in a PCR glass version from spring 2021. The products in PCR glass will maintain the same elevated qualitative standards as those made out of traditional glass and will be able to be customised with all the decorations, effects, and accessories available in the catalogue, for a start to finish ‘Made by Lumson’ experience”.

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