Lumson pays homage to International Kissing Day with the A-TX2 lipstick


The characteristic of airtight packaging ensures that the product within doesn't lose its qualities,

Lumson has chosen to launch its airtight AT-X2 lipstick on 6 July: during International Kissing Day. A way to pay tribute to the simplest and most romantic gesture in the world.

“We like to think that International Kissing Day, #worldkissingday, also represents a moment to celebrate the beloved lipstick’s return to lips, after months of absence. Lipstick is one of the most loved make-up products in history.

"Certainly, the pandemic and the use of masks have very much changed beauty routines and put lipstick use on standby, but it’s only a matter of time.

"The news of the post-covid19 lipstick boom in the US helps us to understand that a long love story exists between women and lipstick”, explains the Marketing team.

Lumson, a pioneer in the development of packaging in tune with new consumer habits and changing marketing needs, backed by its expertise in the world of lipsticks, has chosen to take on this challenge and to launch an airtight lipstick on the market: A-TX2.

A-TX2, destined to become a best-seller, was developed to preserve formulas requiring packaging that is long-lasting.

The A-TX2's characteristics are that of a sophisticated, yet versatile lipstick: cap and base in ABS, cup available in POM or PBT, with a standard diameter of 12.7mm.

The world of cosmetics packaging offers different solutions, especially when it comes to stylos, but few are available in the 12.7mm diameter of classic lipsticks, and for a premium positioning A-TX2 can be metallized without losing its airtight qualities.

What are A-TX2's advantages? Airtightness, technological innovation, and versatility

The characteristic of airtight packaging ensures that the product within doesn't lose its qualities, while technological innovation combined with versatility make it a product in step with the times.

Customisation and aesthetic research are requirements in cosmetics packaging, especially if involving a product that is a master of seduction like lipstick, and Lumson doesn't disappoint, offering a variety of customisation possibilities to give each product a little something extra.

Thanks to its characteristics, A-TX 2 by Lumson is the ideal solution for those who desire a safe packaging with immense appeal.

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What better occasion than #worldkissingday to launch packaging that honors the most iconic make-up product of all time?

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