Lush campaigns to end the death penalty

By Lucy Tandon Copp 16-May-2017

Cosmetics company partners with Death Penalty Focus organisation in the US to bring an end to capital punishment

Lush has launched a campaign in partnership with Death Penalty Focus calling for the abolition of the death penalty in the US.

The campaign, which runs from 15-25 May, will see the bathroom products brand run store events designed to raise awareness of ‘flaws’ in the death penalty system.

Events will be held in major cities including Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Phoenix and West Des Moines.

Carleen Pickard, Ethical Campaigns Specialist at Lush Cosmetics, said: “In 2016, death sentences, executions and support for capital punishment were at an historic low, making flaws and failures of the death penalty more apparent than ever.

“The more people learn about the death penalty, the less they like it, and we’re excited to bring this important issue to our customers."

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Death Penalty Focus has worked with Lush before as a recipient of the cosmetics brand’s Charity Pot grant, whereby it received funds made from the sale of the hand and body lotion.