Lush reveals 26 new Bubble Bars for consumers to immerse in self care

By Becky Bargh 1-May-2020

The new naked range is split into five categories for different bathing experiences

Bathos, Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble and A French Kiss

With more customers adhering to the stay-at-home order, Lush has introduced a new 26-strong naked Bubble Bar range to help consumers stay relaxed.

As part of the range, shoppers can choose from five categories to vary the bathing experience.

This includes Bubbleroons, for a creamy bath and softer skin; Bubble Brushes, for an artistic experience; Bubble Sticks, which can be reused; Bubble Bottles, to help relax; and Perfume Bottles, containing fine fragrance.

Meanwhile, in traditional Lush style, the products have been given whimsical names, such as A French Kiss, Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, and Bathos (pictured).

“Creating solid Bubble Bars turned into an art form,” said Lush’s co-founder and Product Inventor Helen Ambrosen.

“You could make all sorts of shapes, all sorts of sizes, but also you don’t need a synthetic preserve.”

The new range joins Lush’s collection of eight Bubble Bars already available, including The Comforter, Milky Bath and Unicorn Horn.

Lush also said its bath products were one of its best selling ranges online during the lockdown.

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