Luxury by design: Creating the new Aria Luxe pump

By Sandy Gregory 2-Jun-2017

When it comes to premium skin care packaging, the smallest detail can be the difference between an adequate and an excellent product experience. Silgan Dispensing Systems’ Sandy Gregory talks SPC through the creation of its Aria Luxe pump, and some surprising consumer preferences

The top of the actuator of the new Aria Luxe pump from Silgan Dispensing Systems (the new name for WestRock’s Home, Health and Beauty dispensing business) boasts a nice, wide indent – the perfect, ergonomic resting place for an index finger, or even a thumb. Because, as Sandy Gregory, the company’s Associate Marketing Director Global Fragrance and European Beauty, notes: “In China, 40% of consumers use their thumb to pump product, rather than their index finger.”

For many, this would be an interesting cultural anecdote at most. But, for Silgan Dispensing Systems, this and similar findings from a recent in-depth study of the preferences of luxury consumers was vital. It meant that its new pump not only required an actuator indent with a sufficiently wide contour area, it also needed to have specific height dimensions, “as your thumb is much shorter than your index finger”.

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In advance of developing its Aria Luxe design, Silgan Dispensing Systems wanted to obtain insights into consumer preferences surrounding the application of cream, serum and liquid foundation formulations. “We always...

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